March 1st black bear



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  • March 1st black bear

    I was heading down the hillside in Anchorage about noon today and had a large black bear cross the road in front of me. He disappeared into the brush before I could get a picture of him but I did stop and take some pics of the tracks he left in the snow. I'm sure he was just out looking for a snack before going back to den for another month or two. Has anyone else been seeing any bear sign this time of year. Sorry the bear tracks don't show up well in the new snow, it looks like it was the second time today he had crossed the road at this point as there was two sets of tracks, both the same size. He looked like a fairly large bear with a front pad that was 5" across.

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    haha he probably stuck his head out threw a fit about all this new snow....probably went scrambling for a new hole, cussing all the way....this happens alot...with black and brown bears...have gotten a few brownies into the shop in january and february before....march si pretty early for the blacks though
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      Today's ADN article about the Fur Rondy sprint races stated that one guy saw a grizzly out on one of the trails, thankfully after the race was over, he was looking for a lost camera and on a snowmachine. (not the bear :))


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        I wonder how any of the bears sleep at all near Anchorage, what with so many people.

        I have always wondered why more bears do not get routed out by snow machine traffic in the petersville general area.......???


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