Strange moose hooves



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  • Strange moose hooves

    Did you all see the hooves on this roadkill moose? Strange!!

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    Eric, I did see that artical. Most of the times you will see the deformatys in the bull racks. I don't think I'd like to get kicked with a 10" hoof I don't care how soft there are, lol. That was a strange piece tho, never seen anything like it on a cow.


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      talk about snowshoes....
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        Soon we will see all moose AND caribou with feet like this, its called rapid evolution advancement and its primary cause is global warming. A Gore predicted this type of ungulate changes, especially in the northern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere is blanketed with permafrost, which has a dreaded enemy,- heat -. Global warming is happening with such alarming speed and as predicted, will thaw the permafrost out within a 24 hour 'window', on a certain day in the future.. Mother nature, in her infinite wisdom is one step ahead of this terrible to be warming event. In order to prevent moose and caribou from sinking into the thawed permafrost, she is simply enlarging their hoofs, thus insuring their survival. However,,, mother nature is not doing the same for wolves or ashly judd.


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          Global warming

          Think I'll order a pair of size 19 shoes. nothing like being prepared.


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