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  • Wild Cats in AK??

    We've had a cabin in Prince William Sound, east side, for about 5 years. It's on the mainland, not an island, in a fiord/bay. The last two summers, we heard a mewing sound for about a week to 10 days. It is NOT a bear cub, sounds like a cat....a big, but soft sound ie not sharp.

    I've heard rumors of cougar/mtn. lion sightings in PWS? Lynx? We've never seen any cat tracks (I know cougar and bobcat tracks well from Idaho..). This really sounds like a cat. Sound is over and over, daylight only. Oh, yeah....this is in August when we are hearing this. We have tried to follow the sound, but it really carries and it hard to get a direction on. Almost seems like it moves. Not smoking anything, and this is a bunch of people hearing this, always fun for our visitors and a little spooky too.

    Anyone have any ideas about this critter?

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    One possibility

    At first glance this may sound pretty off the wall but gray jays, Stellar's jays, and a few other birds make sounds that are similar to cat's mewing. Next time you hear this, look in the trees. I've been fooled before, until I found the source. The fact that you only hear this during daylight supports my assertion.



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      Thanks but not jays

      Thanks for the idea, Blair. I know both those jays well, not them. I thought about Ravens, they sure make a lot of different sounds. But, I've observed the Ravens a lot, and never heard that one from them. It does sound like it is in the trees sometimes, and on the ground sometimes, which could still be a cat...



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