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  • murauding bears

    Got a call from a friend last night. He had just checked anothers friends cabin on Kodiak. When he cupped his hands to look through a window a big sow was looking back. After back tracking ass over teakettle to the skiff they mustered their courage and mounted a frontal attack and drove the sow and her cub off. The place is a wreck with stores and bedding and stuff strewn and chewed and snuffled.
    From the sloppy scat piles it looks like the pair had been denned up for a month or so using a small window to get in and out. They are gonna check around some other places to see how things are.
    This does`nt happen very often in the area but when it does it seems a lot places in a big area will get hit. I would think by many bears but maybe a traveling troup.
    My place got hit once about 20 years ago and there were 3 distinct set of tracks and nose prints in the gooo. That same spring a neighbor found a bear in his bed and about 10 cabins in a 20 mile square area had been hit. From my observations this was a pretty normal season maybe a little cooler summer and a bit light on pink salmon but not much different than normal. Is there any pattern or conditions one might be aware of to predict this sort of behavior.
    The best defense I know is a Beagle
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    funny stuff

    Great story..
    is that a Beagle on the heals of those cubs?
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      That sure looks like a beagle chasing the cubs! LOL! Great pic!


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        Beagles and Bears

        Yup thats little JJ he is my 3rd Beagle and all have been fearless bear chasers. It amazes me but in probably 75 encounters the bear always gave up and left and JJ was the only one to get tagged. The beagle has a heck of a nose and often wake up barking when a bear is near.
        The reports are coming in from the area were the bears were in the cabin and so far 7 cabins have been found looted by the buggers. I am hopping to get some pictures of the damages to post. From location of the cabins its dificult for me to think its the same bears as some of the places are across the Bay from others. SO what gets em stirred up like this in the middle of winter.


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          Warm weather

          over the yrs here i see sign of bear every once in a while in the denning months,the weather was warm as we get in dec,although that seems to be changing,very warm here on the nush and would not be surprised to see a bear out,firm beliver in when the snow melts lots the dens get wet and some of the bear's take a hike.i have tracked some older tracks to where we found the bear nested under a spruce in dryer country.


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