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    Originally posted by Old John View Post
    Back in the early 70's James E Hemming in the ADF&G put together a Wildlife Technical bulletin 1 on the Movement patterns of Caribou in Alaska. I'm not exactly sure how I came to have a copy. I came to the mainland of Alaska compliments of the U.S. Navy and made the rounds of the Extension Office looking for gardening advice, as well as the ADF&G looking for information on Alaskan Wildlife. I don't know if this Technical bulletin is still available or not, or a more updated version is available. I know several caribou herds have shifted their primary migration route or pattern since This Bulletin was printed. you might contact the ADF&G on-line to inquire. If not, I'd loan you my copy, you pay the postage.

    I appreciate that. Ill take a look and let you know if I find it. I fdont want people going out of their way to mail me things now, but appreciate that. Maybe in 2020-2021 when were in Alaska and I cant get anything like that, then Ill bother you haha But thank you, very nice of you to offer.


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