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  • Loon Chicks Yet??

    I see the merganser babies are out. Theres a pair of loons that unfortunately decided to nest smack dab between two docks, maybe 50 feet from a super cub on floats going in and out a handful of times a week or so ago and some other fairly intense sporadic activity. Cabin owner wasn't around all spring so they thought they had the place to themselves. He's gone again til early July so it should be pretty quiet. I've seen momma laid flattened out on the nest, suprised me how out in the open she is. Thought I spotted 2 light brown eggs this AM through binos from other side of lake. The pair were out on the water as a juvenille eagle was swooping around but lost interest for the time being. Should those chicks be hatched by now (or soon) if the eggs are still viable? Can the adults tell if the eggs are NOT viable? Or do they stay on them longer after? Will the loons still "need" their nest by July or can they relocate if the activity is too much? Haven't seen nesting success the last 2 years in our end of the lake, not sure if it's because of more jet ski traffic, younger adult loons, predator loss or #? Just happens. Anyhow if there are any loon experts out there or people seeing/not seeing loon chicks yet where they are, I'd appreciate the info. I'm on the Kenai Peninsula

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    One chick is out. Must have happened in the last few days!!


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