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    So, last time I was here was middle of May. Birds everywhere, speckle bellies, Canadian (greater and lesser), swans, ducks of all favors, thousands of em. So I got back here a bout a week ago and noticed they are all but gone. Even the little buntings and sand pipers are few in numbers. In an 8 mile run today I saw 6 specks, 2 Canadians , and a small group of diving type ducks... That's it, there should have been hundreds if not thousands. Any one have any ideas as to why they left, any bird reports from Kuparuk, Milne Pt or Badami? Or any where else on the slope.

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    Geese are everywhere up here. I was over at alpine last month's, seen more ptarmigan over than than I had ever seen before. Kuparuk is stuffed with geese
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      The warm temps melted lots of little ponds. They are all over just not in great numbers like in early May when there is no open water. I've seen more Eiders this year than anytime before. Saw 11 kings and 7 spectacled in one day. Also saw a melanistic (black) speckle belly the last 2 days.


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        Yep. They are everywhere in kuparuk. All species.


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          I'm guessing the sag flood pushed them outa the area, glad they found a spot to nest. Bummer I won't get to watch all the younguns grow up over the summer.


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