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    Just watched a great video of Alaskan Brown Bears chasing salmon in a creek/small river. The video was taken from a quadcopter and that camera must have been a good one. Great detail.

    You could see schools of 100's of red-colored salmon and the bears taking off in a rapid charge, jumping and coming up with a salmon probably 1 out of 3 or 4 attempts. The bears never paid any attention to the quadcopter except for one fairly large mama bear with two yearlings - they headed for shore and looked at that flying noisemaker - I think he just left them alone as he never went back as you never see them again in the video.

    You could never witness anything like that from that distance and height vantage point in the wild. I've seen lots of bear footage but nothing to compare to that. I guess you can stream that video to your IPAD or whatever it's called - just amazing what can be done with those gadgets.

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    got a link?
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      No I don't, but I will try and get the link and password for it.


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