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Bear Mauling in Cordova

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  • Bear Mauling in Cordova

    An acquaintance was mauled while hiking in Cordova yesterday. Just a reminder to be vigilant while out in the great outdoors.
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    In reading the trooper report the two dogs took off and retrieved a nice bear for the lady and then left her to deal with it.One of the dogs was back at the truck and the other she found part of the way back.Very lucky lady.Hope she recovers fast.


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      Originally posted by Big Bend View Post
      In reading the trooper report the two dogs took off and retrieved a nice bear for the lady and then left her to deal with it.
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        My son and a friend had an extremely close encounter a few days ago while sheep hunting in the Wrangels.

        A big interior griz was literally on the top of the mountain and just as unaware of the hunters presence as they were of his...when they all converged he came at them and then veered away from the fellas at about 30 feet.
        My son said he had the crosshairs on the face of the bear within seconds praying it would change course, thankfully it did.

        I don't miss those situations!
        Proud to be an American!


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          I know this is an older thread, but thought I'd add a pertinent or timely bit to it for some who may not pay attention to seasonal changes, etc.

          From the various Alaskan coasts to the Interior, bears are either thinking about bedding down for winter right about now, or are already doing it. Those in the colder country that are still out and about are likely seeking that last morsel to help them make it through numerous months of sleep without eating, etc. They're hungry and getting ready. 'Tween that, and the issues re. close unexpected encounters, it's a good idea to make your presence known, and be prepared for that charge that -isn't- as bluff.

          There are reportedly tracks in my 'hood where we rarely see bears since the subdivision went in over 30 years ago, despite having plenty of decent habitat. There are tracks out in the deep snow in the Alaska Range near a friend's place. Just 'cause the snow's now on the ground in much of the State, doesn't mean we don't still need to pay close attention to what's going on around us.


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