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  • Help with bird I.D.

    We recently had a pair of birds build a nest in a tree in our yard. I have lived here all of my life and dont recall seeing or hearing anything quite like it. I figured with all of the knowledge on this site someone can help me id them. We have over 30 high res. pics if these photos cant produce a result! Thanks.
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    Here's a possible, though I'm not totally convinced this is it... the "Gray Bunting" of Asia, which has ranged up the Aleutians. Check this page for the description and song to see if it's a match.

    From that same page, click the search link in the top menu bar and you can use the icon boxes in the lower section of the page to enter general characteristics of the birds to continuously narrow down the list of possibles.
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      Upon initial glance, looks like a northern shrike to me. If so, they're cool little birds.


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        Thats it! Northern shrike, looked them up, pretty aggresive little bird. I watched the ones at my house carrying meat to the nest, but figured there was a kill somewhere close. Turns out that this may be the reason we haven't had any sparrows or chickadees on the feeders all spring. Thank you guys for helping out!


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          I agree Northern Shrike! They are awesome birds and have a beautiful almost parakeet sounding sound. When my son had a parakeet they would sing to each other through the open window. They impale most of their prey with their beak!

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            Northern shrike , when one moves in my feeders are empty for weeks.


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              i think you all have made a great mistake!

              that is deffinatly a blue footed boobie bird.
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