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Fish smoking recipes

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    Curds and pellicle are the same thing. It is the outer cell membrane dessolved by the salt it comes out and puddles because the flesh is brought up in temp. too fast. If you hang your fish you do not see it as it runs off. You can dab it up with paper towels before it sets up. It is best to slow the rise in temp. so as not to force it put. Think of it as lava that is forced out with the steam. I have slowed down on my smoking. I use to smoke 2000 pounds a year. Had everyone and thier brother asking me to smoke for them.


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      Fish smoking recipes

      Kosher salt and brown sugar user wishes to know your ratio for the rub...

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        Depends on species, time of harvest, humidity and end product you're going for. Other processing details like pellicle development, holding temp and processing temp enter the picture. Personal tastes enter, too. Commercial outfits that I know of range from 10:1 to 1:1.
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          Simple ratios. . .

          From the KeenEye MD, posted on the smoked fish thread: "3 parts packed brown sugar to 1 part pickling salt... that's it."

          I use Morton's Sugar Cure right out of the bag, disregarding the included packet of spices.


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            Dry brine

            3 to 1 Brown Cane Sugar to Kosher Salt...
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              I blew it...

              I can't believe I did not follow instructions and ruined a load!

              I lost almost 25 lbs due to my being lazy and the cats got all of it...

              "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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                smoked salmon

                here is a great recipe that has a kick you might be looking for. Now it all depends on how much salmon you are going to cure. I usually do about 4 filets of reds at a time cause it goes fast.

                mix all together wet- mix all together
                4 cups worcestershire sauce
                3 cups teriyaki sauce
                1# dark brown sugar 4 cups Worcestershire
                3 tsp salt 3 cups Teriaki sauce
                1 Tbsp black pepper 1 tsp liquid smoke
                1 Tbsp cayenne pepper
                1 Tbsp crushed red pepper
                1/2 Tbsp ginger
                1/2 Tbsp lime pepper
                1/2 Tbsp garlic pepper

                Mix all wet and dry together very well Blender works well. You want the consistancy to be like soup. Put slamon ( skin off in 1/2" thick length optional) in a big pan. Pour mixture over salmon and let sit for 2 days in refridgerator covered. mix a few times. FOR A GREAT EXTRA KICK SLICE UP SOME HALBANARO(SPELLING?) AND MIX IN.

                I like alder chips to smoke with. The thinner the strips the faster its done and better it holds in the flavor. Good luck
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                  Secret ingredients for fish brine

                  In our family, it every brine recipie is just a little different.... why? Because they throw whatever seems to be handy at the time in the brine! Here are some ingredients to experiment with...
                  • dry mustard
                  • white pepper
                  • molasses
                  • tobasco sauce
                  • greek seasoning
                  • terriaki sauce
                  • Yoshida's sauce
                  • garlic seasoning
                  Have fun!

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                    Cold Smoked Salmon

                    Just got a Traeger BBQ/Smoker with Cold Smoker attachment (early Christmas present). I recall someone posted cold smoked salmon recipe some months ago but can't find it.

                    Any killer methods of doing cold smoked salmon?....I am assuming King would be the best species because of the oil content.


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                      Smoked Ssalmon

                      cover fish with brown sugar and rock salt stack another layer of fish and repeat cover and set in frig overnight. rinse and let dry for 2 or 3 hrs to glaze over or you can put a fan so it blows over the fish to speed the process. I use myrtle wood chuncks for 6 to 7 hrs.


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                        A whole other site devoted to smoking

                        I do a little smoking and have the Bradley. Here is their site with all kinds of info and advice.
                        More than enough info to keep a man busy for awhile.
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                          Well, Shucky Gee, I didn't know there were so many ways to do it.

                          I've always done it the way a friend from Fairbanks taught me. Of course the first thing is to get all the scales and slime off the fish.

                          Just mix non-iodized salt and brown sugar half and half. (Sometimes my wife will add some spices to the mix, but I don't think it makes much difference if any.)

                          Rub it on the filets, and put'em in an ice chest skin to skin, and flesh to flesh for maybe 4 to 6 hours, it isn't critical. They will make their own brine.

                          Next, I rinse them off, cut them into strips and smoke them. My smoker holds several fish.

                          The hard part is watching them and knowing when they are done.

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                            Water Gremlin; Try some diced Scotch Bonnet peppers if you like hot, they are another member of the habinero family.


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                              Smoke Wood

                              I have smoked a fair amount of salmon. I like the different spices. Go easy on the ginger if you can tast it in the brine its to much but it adds a good taste.
                              Brown sugar molasas pepper garlic to taste all good. To me the only bad smoked fish is too salty or acidic from green wood. I like fruit woods the best. Wild cherry is my favorite. My local Aleut friends prefer cooton wood from the beach.


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                                To follow up Erik in AK:

                                Brining is caused by the salt/sugar being dissolved. I heat my brine until the salt and sugar are dissolved, then add spices, then chill it overnite. I basically use one of the standard recipes in the "big chief" smoker book - - - which has celery seeds in it. I like that flavor.

                                My favorite smoke wood is apple.

                                I think it would be interesting to try some thai spices at some point, like kaffir lime, colanga root, maybe even red curry.


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