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  • trying to save a little money idea

    i how that buythe case warehouse..web site will ship to alaska to a point

    i would like to know if what it would cost to ship a small 20.ft sized shipping container.
    iam buying that sized unit to ship my cloths guns and other item as need up to my new home up there in alaska
    .then in a set up of twice a year typle shipments fo bulk foods and case lot items for the group of familys

    like maybe up to say five to eight familys pool there resouces and ship the unit down to the buythe case warehouse and have filled with the orders for the familys then ship it to a cental point and have have everyone pick up there order to save on bulks foods..

    like bulk case lots of cans goods
    5-gallon buckets of wheat-flour -sugar- rice -larndry soap.etc.etc.
    with the order marked when it is packed into the unit for when family..
    where they have bulk toothpaste and other personal grooming and bathing items.. can loaded in last and take a part when they are ready to broken up for the familys as need

    i know that lynden tranports will ship the containers up and down there for a set amout both ways
    these just a something i was thinging about the other day typle of idea

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    I think it would be hard to compete with fred meyers wallmart sams etc. they are doing the same thing but on a very large scale.


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      There is stuff from the lower 48 that I would like to get shipped up here, like furniture from ikea, or stuff from estate sales etc. Usually shipping turns out to be too much. I think that for some things it would be worthwhile and others not. How much would a 20ft conex cost to ship?


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        it going to cost me total to ship the 20.ft unit 3500.00 dollars total up there filled with my cloths and basic household items and few other units along with books and reloading things with other units that i will need to live up
        plus a 10.ft unit is also being shipped up there for with items in item..
        the 10.ft unit is cost about 1500.00 total to be shipped..
        it being picked up in texas and shipped to steward area..
        i was planning to ship the 10.ft back and forth down to seattle and load it up there with things that need down there and ship it back up to alaska as need once a year typle shiping as need


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          i was thinking that useing save by case food warehouse for a once a year typle supply run
          see if we can get them chreaper down the seattle or other areas. and shipped to a main point and the unit loaded up with all the items the are order then shipped to the main point and we go and pick up all the supplies
          if we could make where like three or four familys pooled the cost of the items and shipping togerther ..
          but i would have to see first if it going be worth it..


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