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    Hey all, a friend and i are paddling most of the yukon river this summer and would like to hear your opinion on edible plant books for along the river.

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    This topic has been covered before, but maybe since it will be spring soon enough and all kinds of wild edibles will be sprouting up it is time to start up the discussion again...

    Canoejunkie, you may want to find a small field guide to bring with you on your canoe trip. Positive identification is a must before consuming anything! Should be plenty of good gathering along the Yukon River.

    I like Discovering Wild Plants by Janice J. Schofield. My book is a large one but I think she may have a smaller field guide available.

    Also Wild Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska by the Cooperative Extension Service University of Alaska is very handy and fits right into a pocket.

    I know there are many other good books out there so, I'll let some other folks chime in here.

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