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  • Moose Burger Recipies

    Just thought that i would start a thread for everyone to share thier favorite moose Burger Recepies. Heres mine:

    Chipolte Moose Cheeseburgers

    -moose burger
    -1 can Chipolte peppers in Adobo sauce
    -pepper jack cheese slices
    -jalapeno cheese rolls (from Carrs or Fred Meyer bakery)
    -Typical Cheeseburger toppings (lettuce, tomato, mayo, etc.)

    First off, be warned that chipoltes in Adobo sauce are hot, the Adobo sauce gives them a smokey flavor too.

    I usually use a little less then a pound of ground moose for my wife and I, I didnt put down specific amounts because I am a guess as you go kinda cook. I chop up two or three of the chipoltes and put them in a bowl, next i will scoop a couple of spoonfulls of the Adobo sauce in the bowl follwed with a couple of dashes of worstershire sauce and some salt and pepper to taste. Mix the ground moose in with the ingredents in the bowl and shape into patties. take the rolls and cut them in two, spray each side with butter pam, or spread butter on them. Turn the broiler on to hi, set the patties on a broiler pan ancd stick them in the oven. I also put the rolls in at this time. broil them 6 minutes per side, watch the rolls and pull them out when they are thoasted. finally top them with some pepper jack cheese and melt it.

    Like i said before, experement with the chipoltes and find out for yourself how hot you can handle it.

    Enjoy!!! Lets hear some other recepies.

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