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  • foodsaver recipe ideas

    I have the gamesaver vacuum sealer and was wondering does anybody precook meals and vacuum seal them for quick lunchs??? I work alot of hours and im always on the go... but if i could cook all my meals on my day off it would be great.... does anyone do this??? what are some safe recipes??? I would cook everything then seal it up for the freezer then thaw it the night before or the morning of.... I guess im asking what is safe and whats not i dont want to just put anything in a pack then get myself sick.... thanks
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    I cook my meals a week at a time now, and I freeze them in those ziploc conatiners.

    From start to finish about an hour and I do up 14 of them. Figure I'm atleast good for cooking my breakfast every day.

    Nothing fancy for example.....Halibut, frozen broc, a cup of brown rice and some seasoning.
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      Nothing special needed...

      We premake meals all the time, especially for hunting/fishing trips or weekends at the cabin. It's simple to do and they store a long time. With liquids, prefreeze in a container then pop it out and into a bag and seal. To reheat, you can simply boil the bag w/contents in it or dump out and heat like normal in a pan, etc...
      Almost anything can be stored this way, plus you decide how big/small to make the proportions.
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        boil a bag roast for dinner

        I got a buddy that wants me to try what he has done well: taking a roast and all the trimmings, vacuum pack it up, go camping, and boil it for hours to cook it. He says its the best; locks in all the flavors, etc...

        I'm a believer, I just haven't done it yet.


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          Anyone tried this trick?. Im thinking the bag may burst or explode causing a mess or hurt someone. Its sounds like a good idea. I use a vacumn packer for a lot of things when hunting/camping. Very good for marinating steaks and keeping the mess to a minimum..


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            i do want waterwolf does with the precooking of the meals in ziplock containers..and just do breakfast as quick meal..
            also useing them to store bath soap and other items in cabin stowage made down to a small as possbile to fit
            inside a plastic stowage box as need


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              I have boiled other items in vac save bags and they haven't exploded. I think since you remove most of the air it doesn't expand when heated. We make a large pan of veggy lasagna, serving size it up vacuum it throw it in the freezer for months. A grab and go meal that kicks the crap out of any store bought frozen box.


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                I've put leftovers in the bags and sealed them up for meals later without any issues. I've put thanksgiving leftovers (like no one has those) into the bags and after sealing; pulled them out weeks later to enjoy. I just pulled some lasagna last night, which was as good as the day I made it (3 months ago).

                I've put meals ready to cook into the bags too, which has worked well over the years. Mainly for camping trips, and I've not had any problems with throwing it into a pot of boiling water to cook, or into a pan (bag removed).


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                  Tks for the info. I will try this at home before camping season. This idea makes prepping a meal while camping so easy. Vacum sealing works wonders for so many things and not just food...


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