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  • Cooking your game meat...

    With the exception of bear meat, I find that cooking moose, goat, caribou, etc, etc, are usually over done, dry & nasty!!!!

    I've found that if you cook meat to a nice & juicy med rare that you get a better fare than the over cooked carboard textured nasty dry need to drink water with every bite meat...

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    I lived in moose country, and we ate moose and deer every winter. I always heard that health wise cook it untill no red.
    One good way was to chicken fry it. Barbecue is king. Roasts are a tough way to go. Boil the ribs untill tender and then barbecue.
    If I'm wrong,will not be the last time. What do you other people think?


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      Being a culinary student at the moment, I love these kinds of things.

      You are completely fine in cooking red meat only to a rare/medium rare doneness, simply an issue of preference. That being said, IMO all meat tastes better at a medium rare to medium stage. Yes, even pork and chicken however, I don't think it prudent to do so with poultry. The issue of trichinosis with domestic pork has for all intents and purposes been eliminated, so a medium rare pork chop is top notch in my book.

      If you don't want to "undercook" your meat and you like a well doneness, use a marinade with some sort of acid ie vinegar, alcohol, lemon juice. It will help to keep it tender and juicy regardless. Now when you combine a marinade and medium rare....perfection.


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        I butcher my own moose, sheep, caribou, etc and cut the steaks about 3/4 to 1 inch thick. I throw em on the bbq to med rare. mmmmm good. Been doin it this way for 15 years I've been in Alaska. If you cut the steaks too thin it's hard to NOT over cook them. I grind the burger with no added fat and cook em on the grill the same way. Maybe mix in some chopped onion, garlic and a touch of bbq sauce sometimes. Not too much. Don't like to kill the flavor if the meat with bbq sauce. Rule #1- don't over cook!
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          Here is an easy one

          1.cut up bou, moose,sheep deer ext ext. steaks into about 1 inch cubes. marinade in Itailian (sp) dressing for a few hours in the fridge.

          2. cut peices of bacon in half so you have the same amount of bacon as cubes.

          3. Wrap the bacon around the meat cubes and secure with tooth pick.

          4 put them on the grill for about 5 minutes or until the bacon just starts to get crispy on the edges. (that is how I cook mine so the venison is not over cooked. I just through the bacon to the dog). cook yours however you like.

          now eat...makes me hungry thinking about it.


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            under cooked meat

            saw this quote somewhere:"The only reason to apologize for serving meat to a guest is if it is overcooked."
            rare to medimum rare is the only way to go.


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              Good way

              Fisherman thats the same way i do goose and duck but don't throw that bacon to the dogs!! Mark T


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                Pink in the middle

                I used a fabulous recipe that was made for pork tenderloins on some of my venison this week. Perfect for any cylindrical cut of meat (tenderloins, backstraps...):

                Trim it carefully, cut it 1.5 inches thick, and tie a wrap of twine around each cylinder (so it doesn't fall over as you sear it). Get your pan and a drizzle of oil up to medium-high heat and sear the steaks 3 minutes per side.

                Put 'em on a platter to rest for 10 or 15 minutes while you make a sauce in the pan, snip those strings and serve. You get a good, flavorful sear on both sides, and the meat is still juicy and pink in the center. It's a little piece of perfect.


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                  Cooking Game Meat

                  What I have found with game meat is to slow cook it. If you slow cook those stakes on the grill and keep the marinated they will not be dry & nasty.

                  When cooking my ground on the stove I still use a low heat and a little olive oil. Comes out better than any cut of beef I have ever had.


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                    Has anyone ever tried smoking a moose tenderloin or brisket? I have a "hydro-smoker" which is a simple electric smoker that uses a pan of water in the bottom. I am curious if moose will smoke up all right, or if it will just dry it up. I love doing pork tenderloins and beef brisket, but the fat content in moose is considerably different. I don't want to waste a perfectly good chunk of moose if it won't work.

                    Any suggestions?

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                      Never boil meat...

                      Is my mantra, with that said, many a people always here in the village eat moose soup/dry roast for the entire year they have moose meat. I will never boil my steaks/ribs as it leeches out the flavor of the meat. I just cooked me a nice tenderloin last night that sat marinated in LP Sauce for 1 day on my kitchen floor, & it was cooked on med-hi heat with a lil bit of butter for 4 mins a side & sat for 5 mins afterwards & it was the best tasting moose meat I've ever didn't even taste like the strong gamey moose... that I've had @ other peoples houses...MMMMMM Getting hungry just thinking about it...


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                        The best way for "fall off the fork" game meat is marinade or bbq sauce and a crockpot. Load it first thing in the morning before work, put it on low, and then come home and dine like a king MMMMMMM.
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                          What is with all of this BBQ sauce?

                          It just hides all of the meat flavor. A nice rub of garlic, olive oil, kosher salt, and rosemary for roasts is great. Cook them on low heat covered with foil and they will be tender and juicy.


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                            I soak nice lean cuts usually off the hind quarter with no tendons in a brine of salt, brown sugar and tetender quick meatr tenderizer for a couple weeks in the frig anf then smoke it. When I serve it up I use a slicer and slice it 1/8 inch thick. It is similar to the deired beef you can get in stores in the little jars. I grew up doing it to venison and called it deer candy.


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                              Originally posted by fullkurl View Post
                              The best way for "fall off the fork" game meat is marinade or bbq sauce and a crockpot. Load it first thing in the morning before work, put it on low, and then come home and dine like a king MMMMMMM.
                              Much of my meat is crock potted! Chili's, soups, stews, BBQ..............

                              I just crock potted a mallard last week and it was awesome........

                              Not to mention it's very fool proof! Just not very fast!

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