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    Did a search for 'grinder' and not much popped up.

    Wanted to know if anyone as experience with any of Cabela's grinders. They have three different ones, and one of them comes in different power levels.

    i may be ordering a vacuum sealer from them, so i though i'd look at their grinders as well.

    i think they have some at Sportsman's, does anyone own one of those. looking to keep it below $200 if possible. (would also like something that lasts)


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    I've got the Cabelas 1hp grinder and can't say anything bad about it. I've only had it for 2 year's but it sure made short work of my and my buddies moose. I went with it mainly because of Cabelas reputation of customer service and their shipping rates. I think I paid an additional 18.00 for shipping and the thing weighs about 70 lbs.

    I've also got their CG-15 ? vaccum sealer. I love that too.



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      I have one of their $100 models and have been very happy with it. I would like a bigger, more powerful model, but this one does everything I need it to do.
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        Cabelas does have good stuff. Please keep in mind you will not be able to go to any store or meat supply catalog and buy plates and knifes. The standard # 12 or 22 or 32 can only be replaced from Cabelas. Is a real pain when you have a moose to grind and a dull knife for you grinder? FYI


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          There is a butcher supply shop in Mtn. View near the Holiday station. You might check with them. I don't know if they carry anything small enough for home use though.

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            butcher supply

            in anchorage has one my partner bought a 3/4 h.p. grinder and you can't feed it fast enough, a very nice tool
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              They sell LEM's grinders and those are about the most common. I would bet they would be the easiest to find attachments or parts for. I have one and it works great. They make several commercial grade models as well.
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                my advice you get what you pay for... we have been hard up many a time and been stuck with the 50-150.00 grinders vacuum sealers all that.. they all broke burned out or other problems...

                get the best you can afford. if you KNOW your going to keep using it. i purchased a stainless commercial type... and it has done 2 moose plus bears and caribou's a year.. for 3 years now and still going. we use the smaller ones for the second grind. kids line up... chunks in the big one course grind... mix seasonings.... med grind in second... and the kitchen aide does third on med as well give uniform mix on the seasonings... prolly over kill but i have OCD... it has to be good.
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                  If someone was considering buying a grinder from Cabelas, you might want to do so by October 20th. In just looking at the Cabelas website, I see they are offering free shipping for orders over $150. I'll admit, I did not read the fine print, so I'm not sure if it's valid for AK shipping.


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                    we have the no. 22 grinder from cabelas & its great, have had it for over 5 years with no trouble & they do ship free to ak. when they offer that. i also have their small kitchen grinder witch also does a great job & very easy clean up. we've done many moose & caribou & made many batches of sausages all with great results. also cabelas customer service is the best.


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                      I got the 3/4 hp #12 from Cabelas for some time is was on sale for $279.99 then they had free shipping so thought it was a good deal and it is now $400 buck so good deal when I look back at it. The size larger have reverse which is the only thing mine does not have which may be nice, all in all it works great and the attachments for sausage have proven to work good too.


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                        search again

                        hey search agian i just posted a big grinder in the make it you self forum


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                          I have the 1 1/2 hp 32mm cabelas meat grinder. It works great, also have the meat mixer that attaches to the grinder motor. That also works great as long as you mix 25 lbs or more.


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