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    Don't know if this is the best place to post this but am giving it a shot:

    I'm looking into getting a smaller (5-8cf) chest freezer for my new home and have heard various conflicting reports on the quality of different brands.

    What do you use? What are your experiences with freezer brands? Have you had or heard of any problems with a particular brand? Any recomendations? I'm primarily looking at Fidgedair, GE, Whirlpool, or possibly Kenmore.

    I'm trying to get a large sample of peoples opinion (because there will inevitably be conflicting opinions) so please take a second to leave a quick post.

    Thanks a bunch, James

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    I've got a Sears 5 cuft chest freezer I've had for 14 years w/ no problems. The place I live in has a furnished upright. I've always liked the chest type better than the upright type. Although the upright type freezes stuff faster than the chest type, if that's a concern.


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      I just bought a Whirlpool 7 cu ft chest freezer from Costco 2 weeks ago for $230. It's a great size, and is about as energy efficient as you can get for a conventional freezer.


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