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cabelas cg15 vac.sealer

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  • cabelas cg15 vac.sealer

    does anyone know who really makes this sealer? Obviously Cabelas doesn't. Also what other bags can be used with it, and is it really worth the $400 for it? I have no problem spending, if it is really worth it in the long run---buying bags from Cabela's could be a pain! Ddin't know what forum to put this on, but seems like we almost all smoke or vac. pack fish. Thanks, bob in homer

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    don't know who makes them....
    I own one but have used several others...

    -Easier to line up the bag
    -Hands free once you close the lid (very nice)
    -Nice wide sealing bar, one seal instead of doing 2 with the foodSaver
    -Very easy to clean
    -You can use any bag in them, ie FoodSaver bags from Wal-Mart...Actually I prefer the FoodSaver bags to the ones from Cabelas...the Cabelas bags use a membrane inside the bag to aid in evacuating air where the FoodSaver bags use the ribbed/grooved bags (no membrane)

    More expensive
    Doesn't do a better job than the other sealers (suction wise)
    Big and Heavy


    The only way that it would make sense to me to buy another would be if they last a lot longer than the others. I can't report on longevity as I've only had mine for a year but it has performed without any Overheating...the most I've put it through was 254 filets in one afternoon last July and a couple hundred pounds of moose in one sitting last fall,so just typical homeowner use...
    If I had it to do over again I would just pick up a lightly used sealer from Craig List, I've seen a few on there lately
    pull my finger....


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      After having 5 different food savers of which only 1 currently works I bought the cabelas one for $400. Yep it is heavy but two bags at a time, easy to use, if you have a discount from cabelas you can save some money on bags, and I like the controls on it. I used over 700 bags last summer and this thing out performs any food saver I've owned. I'm sure there are other better ones most for a lot more money but I consider this the best of the reasonably priced models, yep for $1500 you can get something better but I'm happy with this model.


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        Vacuum Seal

        The product used to made by a compay called Food Saver, not sure they still market with Cabela's. They will seal any bags I have used.


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          vac sealer

          I bought the comercial grade vacuum sealer from cabelas. I love it to death, I have a friend with a fish wheel on the copper and we seal about 6+ hours a day while we are there and I have not had a single problem with it. It is well worth the $400.00. So just skip the food saver and save your self money in the long run.


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            I agree the food saver can and will burn up if you use it a lot (I have been thru 2 now). I finally bought the $1500 unit from Cabela's and it works great, and I get 1000 4 mil. bags for $55 (not from Cabela's) which makes it all worth it for as often as I use my sealer.


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