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Bumper crop of blueberries

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  • Bumper crop of blueberries

    Anyone else been out berry picking? We went yesterday and I've never in all my time up here seen a bumper crop of blueberries like those this season. We're in the eastern interior north of the Yukon river. Looks like we'll keep at it and jar up quite a few gallons. Happy picking, Mark

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    Mark Richards

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    Wow, nice berries...I haven't seen bushes that tall up here before...where we pick the berries are basically on the ground (above tree line). I wish I knew where to find bushes like thoughs. I bet they will be good this winter in some warm pies...good luck gathering...calndux
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      Not yet but soon. The Salmon Berries should be ripening real soon.


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        seems a tad early for the berries doesnt it? We've had abundant moisture here in Fairbanks this summer, (thankfully--no smoke to speak of....) and one would think the berries could be a bit early....
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          yes, they're early


          Yeah, they are a week or more early. My wife just pulled a batch out of the canner and we were noticing that there was some green tinge to the batch (still a few green berries), but overall they are mostly ripe already. Lots of things have changed of late, from greenup in spring to flowering plants.

          Most of our bog blueberries are not quite that tall, but not just above the tundra either. A lot of the places we pick, though, have the berries just right above the carpet of mosses, so I know what you mean. I've never seen any this tall either...I was commenting to the family that this is like a blueberry forest in some places. Totally unique, I figure the bears will do well this year.

          Here's a closeup of some of the riper ones. And Allen, good luck on the salmonberries.
          Best, Mark
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          Mark Richards


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            I know what the wife and I will be doing next weekend, thanks for the heads up......................
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              Wow, nice. Reminds me of Huckleberry bushes in Montana. Seems early to me too. Around Fairbanks here some folks pick em early in a boggy area I know of. We usually don't get going on them until August in the hills.

              Happy pickin!!
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                Bout on time

                Berries are about on time here. Salmon berries first, just starting to ripen. Bue next, some time in aug. Here's a pic of typical west coast berry picking. This pic is about 4 yrs old, taken near Unalakleet.
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                  The past couple of years here in Valdez the blueberrys have been fantastic. This year however something went wrong, dry spring or something. Not many berries at all.

                  The salmon berries have been plentiful and huge this year though. Not to be confused with the salmon berries up north. Down here the bushes grow 5-6 foot tall and do not taste the same as up north. I prefer the berries on the Bering Coast. Much better tasting.

                  Heading to Deadhorse tomorrow. Maybe I can find some near there.

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                    Early Berries

                    We picked our first blue berries early last week here in Salcha. They're really coming in now, along with the raspberries and high bush cranberries. The wild alaska strawberries (what some call dewberries) are also red & sweet now. The last two years the blue berries have been big by Alaskan standards, but I've yet to see bushes like the ones in that first picture!


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