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Curry deer meat

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  • Curry deer meat

    Just tried this out.

    I took deer meat and cut it into thin slices about 2x2, tenderized it.

    Fried it along with onions in vegtable oil.

    drained excess oil out.

    Then put 1 can of coconut milk plus green curry paste in fry pan, Basil and bay leafs. All of these ingredints are to taste. Then simmered all with meat for 15 minutes or so.

    Came out tender and tasty.

    next time I will add mushrooms and bamboo shoots. and maybe sub green onions for the white. And maybe give it a go with red curry.

    I just bought the paste in a little jar from fredmeyers

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    Man oh Man, going to all that trouble, my hats off to you.

    If you are going to all that trouble next time, may I suggest to you that you try and make up several different dishes of meat. Using all of your suggestions for spices. Kinda of Chinese style.

    I love a lot of different flavors at one sitting as the Chinese are so famous for.

    I'm also a big fan of curry, as long as it burns the tongue just right.

    You have really hit on a winner, I never thought of curry for game meat.

    What a natural!
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      curries rock!

      I've done the same with halibut with fine success. I even used a yogurt/yellow curry marinate on king salmon steaks with outstanding results. We have some venison in the freezer and I'll have to curry some of it after seeing this post. We also have about 20 lbs. of Hatch green chile that just came back with my wife from New Mexico, so my "AK meets NM" recipes will continue through the winter. Nothing like a good fire in your meal for those winter nights!
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        Its 0815 and now I hungery for Curry steaks :rolleyes:

        **** you Matt:mad:
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          But how did YOU come out?

          Originally posted by rimfirematt View Post
          Came out tender and tasty.
          Will you be running a 7-Eleven anytime soon?

          Just kidding (and beginning to sound too much like Joe Bieden). Does sound tasty.


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            The great thing is it was super easy and fast to make. With a bare minimum of ingredients.

            I really like thai food. I was gonna make a seafood curry with that stuff, but thought it would be good for deer.

            I also bought a packet of thai peanut sauce mix for something some time ago. Gonna try that out on the deer also. While searching the net, I came across this recipe.

            Im gonna give that one a go too.


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              That sounds vary good also. I need to do something like that with caribou.
              "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tryants." (Thomas Jefferson


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                Yum Curry

                i have turned to curries for all kinds of less than fantastic cuts of meat and for stuff a little past my ideal date from the freezer. I've done it with moose, whitetail, and duck....the duck being a real treat and surprisingly fantastic.

                My standard is to use bok choy, onions, cashews, yellow curry powder, cilantro, garlic and then whatever else is handy...curries are great for that, a real fridge cleaner, and it's all good.


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