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Rabbit stew question

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  • Rabbit stew question

    Does anyone out there have a recipe for a rabbit stew just like your grandma used to make? I went out and got 8 rabbits yesterday and I sure would like to have my taste buds reflect back to when I was a kid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I sure like this forum. Lots of folks always try to help when questions like this ate asked.
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    Wow! So many stew recipes and so many possibilities. It kinda depends on how your grandma used to make it and what your taste buds are craving. We use it like chicken in basic clear soup recipes with rice or noodels, like "beef" in thickened stews with carrots and potatoes and all the usual stew suspects. We also use it for "chicken and dumplings" and for pot pies.

    Lots of that is pitch-and-dump cooking with no particular recipe. Her'es a hint though: If you want it to go more to the chicken side, use poultry seasonings. If you want it headed toward beef, use beef seasonings.

    In your case, I'd pick any recipe that sounds close to what Grandma used to make and adjust from there. I grew up in the Southwest, so traditional dishes for me sound more like something you would get in a Mexican restaurant. We just had rabbit tamales last night, and last weekend we used it in enchiladas. Makes about the best carnitas you ever had.
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