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Moose recipes?

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  • Moose recipes?

    Any moose recipes out there?

    Any tips? High heat / low heat etc ...

    Marinades? etc ...

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    Pressure cook it

    Pressure cook a roast, it will fall apart on your plate. Also can some w/veggies and seasoning in Mason jars.
    Take the ribs, boil them for 30 min. Cool, smother in BBQ sauce and sear on high heat on the grill till the BBQ carmalizes.
    Take the whole backbone out of the woods w/the backstrap and tenderloins still attached. Have 1.5" T-bones cut. Very delicious and worth the extra effort.
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      Put a roast in a casserole dish and add a pint or quart jar of good salsa, depending on the size of the roast. Cover and slow cook till it's falling apart. Break the meat back down into the juice/salsa mix so it's reabsorbed. Use this in place of ground beef in all your tacos, echiladas and burritos. None better!

      Cook the tongue in a crockpot with water till the skin peels off easily. Remove from the water, peel and cool overnight. Slice the tongue thin and layer it with a little onion, then pour a bottle of good Italian salad dressing over it and chill one more night. Best "pickled" tongue I've ever had whether as a snack or in sandwiches.
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        Put the ribs in a slow cooker and smother with commercial BBQ sauce of your choosing. Cook until the meat falls off the ribs & enjoy.

        If you want to keep them - just remove the ribs and freeze. Delicious with spaghetti.


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          read a recipie in a bowhunting mag. for corned venison, seemed to me that it would have been perfect for moose. Moose hot dogs are freaking awesome too.
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            Its all good

            Corned moose is fantastic w/ cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. The recipe I follow is over on

            I really go for Indian food and have found moose to be pretty much in line with these dishes. Red curries can be made easily with moose. There are some premade "curry" spice mixtures at Sagaya or even at Fred's I think that make a good base if you don't want to go from scratch. Rib meat works best here cause it has so much flavor.

            I also made a great Salsbury steak with moose w/ tons of mushrooms. It was out of this world!

            One time did Pad Thai. It was pretty good - I don't like Pad Thai all that much so never made it again, but if you're a Pad Thai type, you ought to like it. On this one, I used a Pad Thai kit w/ all the noodles and spices.

            One time I chicken fried it and served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. ****, it was great.

            I pulled pack of moose steaks and will be simply frying them in bacon grease served with hashbrowns made of all Alaskan ingredients.


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              Hey cleaner- Where is the corning recipe over at the journal site? I tried to navigate, but good gawd, what a mess that place is.
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              Merle Haggard


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                Brown Bear, you might want to give this link a try.


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                  That works. Thanks! Gotta say that if it takes the search function to navigate the journal, that's a pretty good sign they need a reorganization and revamp. Ah well, their problem. Too many florescent colors and flashing stuff for my eyes anyway.
                  "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
                  Merle Haggard


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