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  • Fish Smoking

    I'm looking for some good fish smoking recipes to try!! There was a small thread started in the dip netting forum but it died off.

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    Some ideas. . .

    Here's how I see it, assuming we're talking about hot-smoking (Little Chief, etc.) the fish. There is very little difference in brining recipes that call for the fish to be soaked a while, dried to form the pellicle, and then smoked for a few hours. All the exotic ingredients are there more to excite the guy doing the smoking than the guy doing the eating. I use Morton's Smoke Flavored Sugar Cure (forget the pack of seasoning that comes in the bag), sprinkling a good coating over the fillets laid out on a board tilted for draining. After 2-4 hours, rinse the fish, pat dry, place under a fan, and let dry until tacky (pellicle). Smoke for 4-8 hours over 2-3 pans of smoke.

    The other option wherein the brine really does matter are recipes where the "brine" stays on the fish, not being washed off. Mix the brine, let the fish soak, let excess drip off, and immediately into the smoker.

    Smoked salmon candy
    1/2 cup coarse salt
    2 cups demerrera sugar (unrefined—health food/natural food store/supermarket section
    2 cloves minced garlic
    1 tblspoon fresh cracked black pepper
    1 tablespoon cayenne
    1 cup teriaki sauce
    2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
    1 cup apple juice
    1 cup water
    - combine the dry ingredients, add the liquid. Stir till salt is disolved (using a braun hand mixer speeds this up).
    Fillet fish then cut into 1 inch strips. Marinate fish for 6 to 7 hours. Hot smoke for 4 then heat till desired dryness is acheived (usually a total of 8 to 11 hours smoke plus drying seems to be right).


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      Secret recepie...

      Sent you a PM with my "secret recepie". Let me know how it turns out if you try it.

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        Great looking recipes!!! Any suggestions on Off the shelf smokers?


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          Off-the-shelf smokers. . .

          Front-loading. . .


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            Cedar Board

            Has anyone ever used the cedar boards to cook their salmon fillets?


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              Planked Salmon

              Originally posted by NORTH2AK
              Has anyone ever used the cedar boards to cook their salmon fillets?

              I did it with a steelhead once; not bad, but I didn't think it was much different from salmon on the grill.

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                Originally posted by NORTH2AK
                Great looking recipes!!! Any suggestions on Off the shelf smokers?
                Bradley. It self-feeds little biscuits of compressed wood chips. The heat is thermostatically controlled. Fill it, add enough biscuits according to your intentions, set the temp, go to work, and forget about it until when you get home. I love mine. Bradley sells the smoke generator seperately if you want to build a unit that's bigger than their stock model.



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                  I have a Brinkman Smoker does anyone have any suggestions on how to smoke Salmon on one? The recipe posted looks good but I don't know if it would work on this type of smoker.


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