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Finding alder wood for smoking salmon?

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  • Finding alder wood for smoking salmon?

    I'm looking for a little help before I start smoking salmon. I have searched the web and found lots of information about using red alder for salmon smoking. I know it is available through SE Alaska, but what about the Fairbanks area? Has anybody used the local alder to smoke salmon? If not, does anybody know where I can buy red alder locally besides Sportsmans Warehouse? I prefer larger pieces than what are available in the bags. Thanks!

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    If you're at Eielson, alder is abundant on and around the base, in fact the roadside fronting Eielson has a lot of alder. We just got done smoking fish, and it's a simple matter to walk about anywhere here (eastern interior) and run into alder thickets or alder bushes. Usually the middle of a bush will have some older (dead and dry) stalks you can use to start the fire. Use the green (wet) alder to lay on top of that. Don't use the leaves, just the stalks and branches. Hope this helps, don't have a pic offhand of alder to post. The stuff pretty much grows everywhere in the interior; no need to go buy any.
    Good luck,
    Mark Richards


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      Do you leave the skin on or do you peel the alder?

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        Spoiled One,

        We leave the bark on the alder.
        Mark Richards


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          thanks bushrat

          Thanks for the reply. I figured the interior alder variety was close enough for smoking. There's a ton of alder around my house, and I'll be doing some cutting and smoking soon.


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