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Any wild edible classes around Fairbanks?

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  • Any wild edible classes around Fairbanks?

    My lovely wife and I will be moving to Fairbanks in about two weeks. I have absolutely no knowledge of the local flora there. I spend a ton of time here in the woods and have a life time of knowledge about what I can and can't eat, and use for medicine. Are there any classes anyone knows about covering wild edibles in or around Fairbanks? Heck I would be willing to trade work for knowledge if anyone needs wood split or anything.

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    I hope that you find a class, but in the meantime- if you look on this sites 'store', there are some books about edible and poisonous plants of Alaska. I have ordered some as gifts. Good luck with the move and welcome to AK!


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      I'd keep an eye on the Folk School of Fairbanks, which has foraging classes every summer and generally excellent offerings year-round.
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