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    Wondering how everyone cooks there moose ribs? Please let me know!

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    Originally posted by MntMan69 View Post
    Wondering how everyone cooks there moose ribs? Please let me know!
    I eat mine rare with BBQ sauce.


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      I either crock pot mine with whatever sauce I want, or I will boil for an hour or two, then wrap and place in oven on low heat for a few hours. Use whatever seasoning you want.

      I also deboned a lot of my ribs this year and have been seasoning them with whatever and throwing on the George Foreman. WOW!!
      I wished I had a charcol grill, but two years ago, my grill grew legs and walked away.

      I took some to my dad's house with us last summer on a visit and he smoked them after boiling first. WOW!!

      Key I have found is manageable sized ribs. Not to big. This year I am going to try to do some kalbi style.


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        we cook ours in a crock pot 6 to 8 hours.


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          I have slow cooked an entire side over my back yard fire pit several times.
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            Like this:
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              Put a good smoke on emí, then simmer all day in a big pot ofwhite beans till the meat starts falling off the bone.


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                10 hr slow cook in a cast iron Dutch oven. Do not let the internal temp get above 150 deg F. Season however you want. Must have a digital meat thermometer to monitor temp. To 145-150. You mess up and let temp go above that and you have shoe leather for sandwich material.


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