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Cutting Dryfish

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  • Cutting Dryfish

    Here is how we make Dry Fish here on the Yukon.

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    Thanks for the tutorial....I've been curious about that process for a long time...:topjob:
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      Nice video Thanks for posting it.
      I have to wonder why you would use cottonwood though. I understand it is readily available. To me burning cottonwood stinks and I don't care for it but to each his own.
      My mother in law cold smokes her fish with birch. Tomorrow is the first amchok (sp?)of the season at her house.
      It is chunks of salmon hard smoked and then boiled with potatoes and served hot.
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        Thanks guys glad you enjoyed it.

        Kas. the reason cottonwood is used here is because after smoking for two weeks with something like alder its just gets too harsh of a smoke flavor the cottonwood is a mellow flavored smoke although I do mix in some alder in small amounts.

        When I make hot smoked fish I use alder only.

        We also boil up some half smoked fish with potatoes and I put away some half dried in the freezer to eat during winter usually with seal oil and potatoes.


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