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    Seriously berries in AK are so easy to find.

    We found these just 10 yards from my driveway.
    Just bought this house last October so I was happy to find another patch of wild berries and they're so close to the house!
    If it were me id just grab my berry book,pick a trail,lace up my hiking boots and get after it.

    Would have picked more but it started pouring down rain.
    "The closer I get to nature the farther I am from idiots"

    "Fishing and Hunting are only an addiction if you're trying to quit"


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      the first few years we were here on the mainland we'd travel far and wide picking wild raspberries. Then back when DOT was expanding the Glenn hwy between Anch and Wasilla into a 4 lane hwy, a nice older couple whose homestead was going to get gobbled up by the expansion gave my wife a couple dozen plants of a red domestic raspberry. We replanted them in our back yard on Peters Creek.. We've moved a couple times since, but always took a few "starts" with us. Had 3 short rows of raspberries terraced on the South Side of this place, but 3 rows was too much so dug up and gave one row away.. Down to 2 rows, but on a good year we can still pick several gallons, which is about double what the two of us can use so we end up giving away about half the crop. I wouldn't say the domestics are any better, juicier, or flavorful than a wild raspberry, but the berries are usually larger and easier to pick. And as yet, haven't had to share with any bear...!


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