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Picking Spring Greens.

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  • Picking Spring Greens.

    Not sure who else picks greens but here is a short video of the ones I like best.

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    We like fireweed shoots when they first come out. They are almost past due right now. We just throw them in a salad. We also like fiddleheads, sauteed, or my wife puts them in akutaq. In about a week we will pick and eat tender wild celery or "pushki", which, though strong, is palatable. In a few weeks, we will pick our "wild spinach", which is officially called lovage. It grows close to the beach in sandy soil. Great boiled with fresh king salmon! At the end of the summer we pick sourdock, also called wild rhubarb, along the river bank. I don't eat that, but my family likes it in akutaq also.


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      I am not a fan of the fiddle heads we have them here but they are bitter IMO
      I do like the wild rhubarb the kids go crazy for them here.

      We don't have the goose tongue here we are not on the coast but when I am down there I do like them as well.


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