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  • best way to cook bear

    The folks I hang out with do NOT eat bear. In fairness- many of our bear are on the salmon streams- but anyhow... I wouldnt know where to start. help! Recipes- tricks & tips maybe. I was mostly thinking about blacks- but I'e read on this forum that some people will eat browns or parts anyhow. I'd sure love to give it a shot, but don't wanna make it a horrible experience!

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    Spring bear are delicious as are fall bears on berries.
    Bacon burger, Italian sausage, breakfast sausage, chorizo, polish sausage, and bear brats are in our freezer from last springs bear. All are excellent.
    All this from blacks, never messed with a brown.
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      Ive done this once before on a backpack trip and will definatly be doing it again. I killed a nice fall black bear in the mountains that had been eating beries. I took some of the fat and rendered it down to an oil then boiled the bear meat in that. It was very good but next time i will bring some salt. It also went great to put the meat into the mountain house i had been eating... We also take all of our bear back straps cut them down wrap in bacon and grill, that is fantastic....

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        Good cuts like backstraps I enjoy in salt and pepper and cooked on the stove with the oil from the fat. That's oil/grease is amazing. Have done baked potatos rockfish etc as well. I also went chorizo and breakfast sausage on the burger. Everything else went into single person frozen packages of round steaks, loin, and shoulder steaks


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          We ground most of our last one (minus the choice cuts) into either bacon or bacon burger (burger with bacon ground into it). Both are amazing, and we're itching to get another bear as we're almost out.


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            I've messed up cooking the first bear meat I got my hands on. I learned.

            This year I was given half a small fall black bear. It was a young bear. I ground most of the meat up and use it in chili, spaghetti, and tacos. I chose to grind it b/c of the negative experience I had originally.

            However, I did save some chunks for roast and I cut the back strip into steaks. THe roast was very delicious when I cooked it correctly. I ended up boiling it for a few minutes (maybe 30) then wrapped it in foil and placed some liquid smoke and other seasonings and roasted it (imitation smoked) then used BBQ sauce to top. WOW!! The steaks I ended up using flour and salt and pepper then fried over a medium heat (4 or 5 on a 10 setting scale). Turned out great. It was good enough that I am going to target hunting a blackie this fall.

            I also cut off chunks of the fat and use it to place in my beans occasionally. Not as good as a ham hock, but better than no fat.


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              Had bear tacos just the other night. They were delicious. Going to make summer sausage and meat sticks with a good portion of my bear from this spring

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                We brown it on a pan to sear the edges then dutch oven or pressure cooker the roasts or pieces until the are done. Yum. I'm looking forward to getting another black bear soon.


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                  I like to corn at least three or four decent sized roasts- enuff for about 3-4 people feed

                  with fresh small taters, and maybe some cabbage- yum-yum



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