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Anyone with a good Perogie recipe?

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  • Anyone with a good Perogie recipe?

    I have missed a good fish pie & would like to make one, am hoping that someone here know's how to make a good perogie...Thanks in advanced.

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    have one....

    I'll email you with the details when I get them from my Father-in-law.
    He's Polish and makes killer perogies...
    Proud to be an American!


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      Are you looking for piroski, the smaller hand sized ones, or pirogue the pie sized one? The recipes are essentially the same, just whether you roll out and form the individual pastries, or put it all in a pie.

      There are many doughs that can be used, from a flaky shortening pie type crust, to a hearty yeast dough.

      For the filling, we use a baked salmon flaked out and mixed with some dill, parsley and lots of browned diced onions. For the pastries you'll mix it with rice and can add some diced hardboiled eggs. For the pie, the rice is usually put on as the bottom layer, with a layer of fish on top, and then dough on top of that. You can also alternate rice, fish, rice, fish.
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        me 2

        Originally posted by fullkurl
        I'll email you with the details when I get them from my Father-in-law.
        He's Polish and makes killer perogies...
        Will you send me the recepie as well? Never had 'em before...


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          My grandmother is 100% Polish and we would make over 400 each christmas. I will dig out my recipe for the dough. ITs like a noodle dough.

          I have talked with many Russian friends here, whose families make something similar, Peroski/ peroskya? It isn't the same because during their fasting they can't eat dairy products. My dough has egg in it. Thiers doesn't.

          For fillings we did several things:
          a pork roast cooked with onions and such, chopped extremely fine and mixed with sauerkraut

          Potatoes with onion/chives and cheese

          DRY cottage cheese *(special ordered from grocery store)* mixed with green onion or chives or reg. onion

          You can make anything you want to go inside.. those are our traditional favorites however.

          Perogi Dough:

          3 c. all-purpose flour
          1 egg
          3/4 c. warm water
          1 tbsp. butter or oil
          1/4 tsp. salt

          I can't find GMA's recipe and she's not home. This one is close. I think hers was 4 c flour, 2 eggs and about the same on water and salt.

          Don't overwork dough. This is key. When you have it worked up enough, let it rest for 5-10 minutes before rolling it out. Roll it out on well floured surface ,with flour sprinkled on top as well *(sticky otherwise)*. Cut out circles with glass, take excess and roll out again till used up. This dough freezes well too.

          Get fillings and put in center of circle. Take a finger dipped in water and wipe along half of the edge. Fold and seal... water helps make a stickier seal... Pinch all around edges.

          Place Perogi in boiling water which oil has been added to. When floating take out and strain. pour oil over strained perogi. This helps them from sticking together in ziploc in freezer.

          Fry in butter, enjoy!


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