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Grouse/Ptarmigan recipe?

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  • Grouse/Ptarmigan recipe?

    I am looking for a tasty recipe for some grouse/ptarmigan breasts. It's my first time cooking ptarmigan and don't know how it cooks or what to expect. Any help is welcome!

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    This late in the season many grouse and ptarmigan may have a strong taste due to the buds they've been eating all winter long. You my want to try a marinade. I like to cook birds in sasla. Just set the salsa on the stove and boil the bite sized pieces of bird in it. This recipe is also very good for duck. Any fishy taste is replaced by salsa.

    Or you can roll bite sized pieces of meat in flour, garlic salt, and pepper then fry it. After the meat is mostly cooked(about 85-90%) you can try searing it with lemon juice. Put the juice in the pan (start out with 2 tablespoons, depends on amount of meat), and then cover the meat with a top that will keep the steam inside. Then just finish cooking the meat. I like to serve this over rice.

    The second recipe is even better for rabbit than it is for grouse.



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      Thanks very much for the suggestions, I think that second one sounds especially good!


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        You could also try a variation of chicken cacciatore. Sub the grouse for the chicken. I prefer this recipe with rotel tomatoes like my mom used to make. Cacciatore is Italian for hunter for anyone that's wondering.

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          I Can't wait to kill more ducks and try the salsa thing
          I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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            Cooking Birds

            I like to cut them in small bite size pieces, flour, salt, pepper, lawryes, and garlic. Fry hot and quick in oil or bacon grease. (like liver) dip in mustard, ordurves (sp) Haven't any one who is willig to try it, that did not like it!

            Don't forget to take the lipitor afterwards to clean out the arteries
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              Originally posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
              I Can't wait to kill more ducks and try the salsa thing
              I can't wait to kill some ducks and then have labfanatic cook them in salsa.

              Thanks for the ideas folks... both grouse and ptarmigan were very tasty.


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                Yum Yum!!!!

                This works well with any birds.

                Fillet the breast and lay flat. Deseed a halopinio and cut into 1" wide strips (length wise). put slice at one end of breast meat and roll in into a log, wrap one whole bacon stip around the log and skewer with a tooth pick. Set all wraped logs in a large bowl and pour 1 bottle of Zesty Italian Salad Dressing over them. Put in fridge and let soak for 1-2 day's while stiring and fliping. Next get BBQ grill going ( and NOT propane!) Briquet's! On a low heat BBQ up! They only take about 4-5 minutes on each side. They are not hot but man do they have a zing to em! Tried it with ducks this last super bowl party, excellent!


                Slow fry whole bird in olive oil and seasoning in a pan to your taste, set bird aside to cool. Next take Oriental angel hair noddles and add it to a very hot skillet with olive oil and finely shaved garlic and finely chopped fresh basil leaves. Once noodles have browned slightly with garlic and basil, finger pick apart bird/birds and add them to the nooddles, toss vigarously together and serve.



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                  Marinate the breasts and then rap with bacon and bake.Use the rest for trap bait!


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                    So, the first set (one grouse, one ptarm) I cut into bite-sized pieces and dredged in a combo of white and whole wheat flour, salt, pepper, and ground red pepper.
                    I browned them on all sides in olive oil and then braised them in white wine and low-sodium chicken broth.
                    I served them over rice w/ the wine/broth leftovers as a gravy.

                    The second set (two ptarm) I browned on both sides in a olive oil/butter mix on high heat. Then I poured medium salsa over them, put the lid on and let them simmer. I was skeptical about this basic salsa recipe and I LOVED it.

                    I overcooked both sets due to inattention, but they were still both delicious, moist, and tasty.

                    Thanks so much for all your help and keep those recipes coming, I can always use more ideas!


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                      Must kill some birds... MMMMMMMM
                      I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                        This one works great for birds

                        I first tried this on ducks after seeing it on OLN.

                        Really simple, heat up a pan with a small amount of oil on HIGH. Then cube the breasts into small chunks, and roll them in cajun seasoning. Fry the chunks 3 minutes or less. This has become my standard for fast and easy bird cooking, and it tastes great-


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                          Yoshidas Patarmigan

                          Take breasted patarmigain and slice meat off the boe. cut into thin slices 1/4" in thick marinate for 24 hours in youshidas gourmet sauce rmove and roll in flour with seasoning salt fry on med heat with veg oil.
                          This also works well with duck only dont cut into slices just debone from the breast in 2 big pieces marinate but dont roll in flour just throw on the BBQ and cook till just barley pink inside. we did this for a big party my daughter had one year all her friends loved the "meat" then were very surprised to ehar it was duck.
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                            There is a resteraunt back east(Maine) that markets an apple flavored bbq sauce. They sell it online also. It's called "Charlie Beige's". Google it and you should be able to get some. I've used it to cook moose, bear, caribou, grouse and a few others and it is the best stuff for any wild game.
                            If you don't have that then you can marinate the brests of grouse in regular bbq sauce and wrap in alum. foil with some apple slices and cook on the grill. This is almost as good.
                            The apple flavor really compliments the wild game taste to the point where people who normally don't like gamey flavor will eat it.
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                              Recipes. . .

                              Look for the book, Dressing & Cooking Wild Game (, which contains recipes for all sorts of wild game including grouse, etc. Basically, I think that all wild birds, being dry, need a sauce of some sort or sliced thin and fried very quickly in grease.

                              Can't say enough good about the book, and I think Sportsman's Warehouse carries it.

                              For those who get wild ducks, try laying the breast meat down flat and slicing it thin horizontally, roll lightly in flour, and fry quickly in grease. In another pan, fry some sliced okra. Believe me, God made okra to be eaten with wild duck and vice-versa.


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