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Grouse/Ptarmigan recipe?

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    Originally posted by Marcus View Post
    Look for the book, Dressing & Cooking Wild Game (, which contains recipes for all sorts of wild game including grouse, etc. Basically, I think that all wild birds, being dry, need a sauce of some sort or sliced thin and fried very quickly in grease.

    Can't say enough good about the book, and I think Sportsman's Warehouse carries it.

    Sounds like a good book! I will have to pick up a copy next time I get to the big city.

    Since we use the whole bird here and not just the breasts, quick frying just doesn't cut it for the thighs and wings and back meat. I like to use about 1/4 cup soy sauce, black pepper,dried onion and garlic to taste and cover meat with water and simmer covered for at least an hour. Once the water cooks off ( or you can drain the rest of the liquid if you want to rush it) I add some olive oil and a sprinkle of cajun spice and fry the meat quickly on high heat to crisp it up. Don't overfry and your bird, or rabbit will be falling off the bone tender and juicy!
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      I cook spruce grouse and ptarmigan more like beef than poultry. I've made stew, jerky, and stir fry, and gravy mixes with them.

      Blue and ruffed I like to grind up and make patties out of. It serves great on a hoagie roll with saute'd onion and mushroom, melted cheese, topped with diced tomato and black olive. Like a Philly Grouse Steak Sandwich.
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        Originally posted by AKDSLDOG View Post
        This works well with any birds.

        Fillet the breast and lay flat. Deseed a halopinio and cut into 1" wide strips (length wise). put slice at one end of breast meat and roll in into a log, wrap one whole bacon stip around the log and skewer with a tooth pick. Set all wraped logs in a large bowl and pour 1 bottle of Zesty Italian Salad Dressing over them. Put in fridge and let soak for 1-2 day's while stiring and fliping. Next get BBQ grill going ( and NOT propane!) Briquet's! On a low heat BBQ up! They only take about 4-5 minutes on each side. They are not hot but man do they have a zing to em! Tried it with ducks this last super bowl party, excellent!


        Slow fry whole bird in olive oil and seasoning in a pan to your taste, set bird aside to cool. Next take Oriental angel hair noddles and add it to a very hot skillet with olive oil and finely shaved garlic and finely chopped fresh basil leaves. Once noodles have browned slightly with garlic and basil, finger pick apart bird/birds and add them to the nooddles, toss vigarously together and serve.

        Wow! I just did the jallepeno/bacon one. NICE NICE NICE Rep point inbound!


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          My favorite 2 ways are: Breast the grouse/ptarmigan and then filet the meat off the breast.

          #1 Take the breast filet and cut in 3 strips. Place them in a ziplock bag with milk overnight. Remove from milk and dip in egg. Take Italian Bread Crumbs and add a little garlic salt to taste. Roll strips in bread crumbs and fry in olive oil on medium heat. Serve with a salad.

          #2 "Grouse Divan" Place whole breast filet in a ziplock bag with milk overnight. Cook up a couple slices of bacon then sear the breast in the bacon grease for 1 minute on each side. Place in a casserole dish. Mix two cans of cream of mushroom soup, one cup of mayo and 1/2 can of water in a mixing bowl and mix. If too thick, add a little more water until it starts to run off a spoon. Add curry powder to taste. Lightly steam some Brocolli about 1/2 the consistancy that you normally like to eat Brocolli. Place the Brocolli over the Breasts and cover it all with the curry mixture. Your casserole should be completly covered with curry mixture. Cover your dish and bake at 375 for 30 minutes. Check perodically for the Brocolli for your desired texture. Adjust your bake time to your preferance. Serve over a bed of rice. I like a fresh loaf of bread or rolls to sopp up the rest of the curry gravy.


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            For duck or Ptarmi's:

            Marinade sliced bird breasts in 2 cups milk, one cup orange marmalade, and 2 tbsp Angostura bitters (in the mixed drink section, small bottle). Let marinade overnight. Remove, wrap with bacon, and grill until done.



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              Originally posted by labfanatic View Post
              So, the first set (one grouse, one ptarm) I cut into bite-sized pieces and dredged in a combo of white and whole wheat flour, salt, pepper, and ground red pepper.
              I browned them on all sides in olive oil and then braised them in white wine and low-sodium chicken broth.
              I served them over rice w/ the wine/broth leftovers as a gravy.

              The second set (two ptarm) I browned on both sides in a olive oil/butter mix on high heat. Then I poured medium salsa over them, put the lid on and let them simmer. I was skeptical about this basic salsa recipe and I LOVED it.

              I overcooked both sets due to inattention, but they were still both delicious, moist, and tasty.

              Thanks so much for all your help and keep those recipes coming, I can always use more ideas!
              Just tried my first ptarmigan. Brined overnight then browned them in butter. Then cooked in salsa. They were delicious. Thanks


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