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  • need some help

    hello all,
    i am planning on moving to AK in a few years, so i am starting to plan now. this will be an early retirement move. my cooking skills are weak at best. i was curious if anyone knew of any good and informative books or websites for me to learn about how to cook wild meats/fish/plants from AK for small meals (for 1)? i know i could just do alot of searching on my own, but i am doing alot of research of many different aspects of AK living and any help someone could offer would be much appriciated. And just a note, i'm not looking for gormet foods, just for basic stuff like sourdough stuff, meats, ect. I used to ask my mom to teach me when she was alive, but she never had the patience, 5 min into something and i heard "oh this is taking too long, just let me do it, i'll teach you later" only "later" never came around. info for using dried supplies/substitutes would be nice since i'm planning on living remote and off-grid with supply runs every 1-2 months. so stuff like eggs and butter may not be around due to spoilage. i was in the military and had ALOT of survival training, this is great for just surviving till help gets there or i get out, but this is going to be living, not just survival.
    oh, and any info on good edable plant ID books would help also.
    thanks in advance

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    You can find all the cookbooks you need here on this site

    for dried foods go to and type in powedered food. They have tons of it.


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      Janice Schofield Eaton's "Discovering Wild Plants" is a good book for Alaskan edible plants.


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        thanks for the info so far, i appriciate it.


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          University of AK Fairbanks (UAF) cooperative extension has tons of information and pamplets on cooking wild foods from fish to bear to fowl and also how to can and preserve it in jars along with Sourdough makings and recipes. Plenty of the that on this forum as well as on the internet. No reason you can't have your butter, winter is like a gigantic outdoor freezer! And you can make a big old batch of something and just section it up into portions and put it outside on your porch. In summer, dig a small hole in a cool shady place and make a thick cover and whalla ~ you have a refridgerator! I second the book Discovering Wild plants by Janice Schofield Eaton. It is the most used book on my shelf in the summer!

          Good luck,
          Grandma Lori
          If God had intended us to follow recipes,
          He wouldn't have given us grandmothers. ~Linda Henley


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