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Mold on top of Jiffy Greenhouse Starters

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  • Mold on top of Jiffy Greenhouse Starters

    We are using the Jiffy Greenhouse peat pellets for starting our seeds this year. I've seen a few of you also using them in your photos. We originally did a 36 pack "tomato greenhouse," and then later added a 72 pack as well. In the 72 pack we mostly have lettuce, tomatoes, and some peas. In the original 36 pack we have some zuchinni, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and a couple other things. They all germinated well and our lids are off.

    We've noticed a little bit of mold, or at least white fuzzy stuff, growing on about a dozen of the pellets in the 36 pack. Not specific to one plant, but kind of random. Perhaps we left the lid on too long? Should we toss these out? Could we just pick the mold/fuzz off the top and keep the plant itself going? Would love to keep them going, but certainly don't want to transplant them to bigger pots if there is going to be a problem later either that will cause them all to fail.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Mold is just a step in making compost. I think you'll be fine to use them. Mold is good for the soil.
    I see mold many times on starter pots soil that are wet & not enough air, have never had an issue.
    I just figured the soil microbes are doing what they do.


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      you should let them air out once or twice a day, its good for them to get fairly dry and then water, it keeps the roots growing and digging deeper. Mold is probably not going to hurt anything unless it gets out of control but its not good.


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        The mold is not a problem. Sometimes it is actually tiny roots, but more often it is just harmless mold. If the plants look healthy then plant away. If they look sickly put them into a pot instead of the garden.
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          I was told if the mold gets bad to water it with Hydrogen peroxide.


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