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    Can anyone recommend 3 or 4 plants that would be good to start my first ever garden with. I know its too late to plant some things. Maybe a book recommendation would help too.
    If you live your whole life afraid to die... Then you can never truly live!

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    Various lettuce, romaine, ruby red & head lettuce is what I grow.
    Try to get some plant starts for broccoli, cabbage, & cauliflower.
    Onions, bulbs if you can get them(6 weeks & can add to the lettuce for great salads) but seeds
    will give you some good eats by August.
    Zucchini, get the seeds started today or try to get some plant starts.
    Experiment, with stuff you like to eat & see if it makes it?


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      Thanks Mud!
      If you live your whole life afraid to die... Then you can never truly live!


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        Potatoes, Zuchini, yellow squash, sugar snap peas, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower are a few of my fave's... A few sunflowers to beautify and a couple bunches of marigolds to keep the bugs away(I'll.swear by it).

        If you plan to buy starts try to buy them from a local nursery. These starts are acclimated to our area already leading to a lower chance of shock upon planting..... I prefer Risse's greenhouse. Friendly, family owned operation with a great selection.

        Good Luck on your first. You'll be surprised how fast things grow!
        I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


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          If you are worried you didn't/can't or don't have time or energy to get garden plants started now....there is plenty of stuff you can just plant right in the ground in late May or June. Radish, lettuce, snap peas, carrots, swiss chard, kale, turnips, onion bulbs and potatoes too. That will give a fine garden for browsing this summer and root crops to harvest for fall. There is always the option of buy starts at your local greenhouse. Pick up a few cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and a tomato or pepper plant if you have room. See what grows best for your area and soil conditions. And don't forget every summer in AK is different, the cabbage and broc like it cool, tomatoes and peppers like it hot that is why I do a bit of everything, that way you can't go wrong!

          Grandma Lori
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            Iceman, I'll check out Risse's this weekend. I love local places vs. the "big" stores!

            Thanks Lori, great advice as always.
            If you live your whole life afraid to die... Then you can never truly live!


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              If your going to plant peas and beans - I suggest you soak the seeds in luke warm water overnight before you plant them... this gives them a bit of a head start... otherwise they have to re-hydrate by absorbing all the needed moisture from the ground where planted and this can slow things down...


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                Interior gardening refers to the interior of the state, not indoors.

                Originally posted by jimm94
                Though you are planning for indoor gardening,keep your doors and windows open and allow your plants to breathe fresh air.Please make sure your plants get enough sunlight.Or you can buy indoor plants suitable for low lights.Hydroponic gardening can help you with artificial lighting and high-tech climate controlling equipments for plant growth.
                Originally posted by jimm94
                Hydroponic gardening is great idea for you as you are looking for indoor. The principle of hydroponics is very easy as it is basically replacing soil with a growing medium like coco coir, gravel, vermiculite, perlite or rock wool. Unlike soil, growing medium carry great amount of nutrient value and are easily managed. Plants are given complete dose of essential nutrients that are mixed in water. You can grow fresh fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs in your garden with the help of hydroponic supply
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