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  • Transplanting

    I thought I would start a thread about transplanting because I have some questions about this and I think some others might as well. I used my good grow lights on my tomatoes when the seedlings started emerging and they turned out OK. The problem is I didn't give my other seedlings enough light and they are very leggy. My question is how deep to transplant? I know tomatoes do great when you burry them up to there neck but what about lettuce, radishes, chives, parsley, and spinach? Can I take advantage of leggy seedlings by burying part of the stem when I transplant any of these or would that be a mistake?
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    I do my lettuce deeper & it does well. Spinach should be OK planted deep.
    The others I don't know.
    My guess for radishes, since they grow bulbs near the top of the soil, may have troubles but try it.
    I put radish & spinach seeds right in the garden & they grow pretty fast, my other guess is radishes are going to
    bolt & not form radishes & may be hot too. They are a short to maturity plant.
    I know your having fun with the starts, but you are a bit early IMO. But maybe they'll all do well. I hope they all do.
    I just started some lettuce, brocc, cab, kale & brussels (sees just sprouting this AM.)
    Typically I plant in the garden the last week of May.
    Also, I start new lettuce every 10 days to 2 weeks, 6 pack of each & I'll start more broccoli in 2 weeks (these ones don't get re-potted into 4" post, when it's time, straight to the garden. Then I get edible fresh greens thru the growing season.
    I am planting some green onion seeds soon. I plant onion bulbs, fast edible onions, starts & a row of seed--good year round green onions.
    PS: you have time to start new seeds which I recommend, then you have back ups if needed.
    Not sure when you can plant gardens in Fairbanks, but too old of plants starts will bolt. (got some old broc. starts from walmart one year, 50 cent piece sized heads) Try some radish & spinach seeds when you plant the garden, see how it does, should get some good eats.

    Have fun
    Good luck.


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