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Putting Greenhouse Next to House

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  • Putting Greenhouse Next to House

    We have been watching the sun exposure in our yard to try and determine the best place to put a greenhouse. We have determined that on the southwest side of the house is the area that gets the most exposure and heat. We'd like to put the greenhouse there, and maybe even right against the house because it would reflect some heat of the house into the greenhouse. I have pondered a lean-to greenhouse, but the problem I have is the soil in our area heaves something terrible, and attaching something directly to the house can be problematic. I already have to go through this summer and dig very deep pilings for my deck that heaves all over the place during the summer.

    Question is, can I just put up a full greenhouse but stick it right up next to the house? Any thoughts on pros and cons of this? Thanks in advance.
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    I would detatch it from the house...with ample room from the main house. My concerns would be mildew, wood rot and mold....allergy development of occupants of said house...some are more susceptable to organic decomposition than others. creepy things once they get started.
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      Yes you can, I'd leave as much space between the GH & house as you
      can if you think frost heaves are going to move it.
      Check with your insurance folks or any local codes is all I can think of to be sure.
      If that's your best,most sun exposure, then it's the best choice.
      Capture all the sun you can.
      The GH rule of thumb is ridge pole N/S so it gets sun on 3 sides.
      My theory is in full sun, morning , noon & evening if you can, but having a GH not perfect is still better than no GH .
      Sounds like you got max sun location figured out.
      But if that is the best place in your situation, then it's the best place. Stuff will grow fine.
      Mine has no problem being warm in the evening, it's getting warmed up in the mornings, after a cool night that I like.
      But I just had to remove some trees.
      Good luck, have fun
      Don't forget Pictures


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        Here is my experience with a greenhouse that is located about 6-8 ft. from the house on the southwest side (same as yours). The greenhouse is in the shade of our house until noon. We totally miss the morning sun which is important up here for warming it up after the cool night. We are going to move it away from the house, but keep the same southwest location in the yard. Be careful to notice the shade that your house creates. We never thought about it. Now we regret our placement of it. It's sad to look out in the yard and see full sunlight at 9:00am and see the greenhouse in full shade until noon. It's a lot of missed heat and our plants pay the price for it. Good luck to you!


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