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Morels in Fairbanks

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  • Morels in Fairbanks

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this, but I'm going to be in Fairbanks for the spring. Are there morels in that part of the interior? I live on the K-Penn now and have done well in the past w/ finding them and hope that there will be some up that way as I will miss picking them here.

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    I have found one (count 'em; one) morel mushroom in my yard, the year after I burned a mountain or two of stumps.

    I know that they tend to grow in some conditions in the Interior, and that after the fire there, they could be readily found around Tok Jct., but that's all I can tell you.

    Yes, I still have the ONE morel (now dried) that I found in my yard years ago. It sits next to my computer... No, it's not for sale. It's a souvenier of sorts.. ;^>)


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      You can usually find morels in areas that have been recently burned and start regrowth in the surrounding area. One good place to find them could be up towards Chena Hot Springs and Angel Rocks where that whole section has been burned.
      They will usually be at the base of trees that have dry grass and moss. Most times, they will be in shaded areas, but not always.
      They can be difficult to find because they blend in well with their surroundings, so you will need to have your eyes open and sometimes, every now and again, if the wind takes into your direction, you can smell them. (They have an amazing scent to them).
      Personally, we have found all of our morels on our airstrip. It was about beginning to mid-June that we were able to find most of them.
      My mother was the lucky one last year that found all the morels on our airstrip (which were not many), but she found them. I'll give her that.
      I googled morel images for you:

      Let us know how it pans out for you and if you find a good place to locate morels. It's almost like King fishing season. They only come around once a year, so be sure that you take the time to pick them, eat them, and enjoy them.


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        It's Amazing

        It is truly amazing that Morels in Alaska happen at the same time as they do in Michigan. Over the last 3 days I have found 50 in the back yard. I find them in wetter areas that have had sun (hot) in the area for about 3 days this time of year.

        "Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure science"

        Edwin Hubble


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          Get on your hands and knees in a spruce forest between mid may and the end of june and you will find a few. Once you find them in non burn areas return yearly and they will be there. Go a day or 2 after a good rain.
          It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.


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