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  • FYI: FSWCD Tree Sale!

    Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District - Annual Tree Sale Pre-Order forms are available!!'s%20Website%20Tree%20Sale%20Brochure.pdf

    (I always miss this - and thought I would share since I actually caught it ahead of time this year.)

    The Serviceberries I got a couple of years ago are doing great!!

    I looked up the Ranetka Apple that they have available this year - and it looks pretty interesting!

    Ranetka: Produces standard or full-sized trees. Probably slightly less adapted to wetter soil than antonovka but excels in well- drained and light soils putting out the same growth in 2 years that which takes antonovka and baccata 3 years. Extremely winter hardy and according to Claire Lammers, it can take 40 below with dry soil, no snow. It is vigorous and well adapted to short seasons. Ungrafted ranetka begins growth 10 days before antonovka in the spring (first apple to have leaves in the spring) and grows longer into the fall. Said to be compatible with a wider range of varieties than baccata and so far seeming to be just as compatible (with modern varieties) as antonovka (except for Rescue Crab)

    Plus: The 4-H kids that help with the sale and run the bake sale are great!!

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    We were just choosing ours a day or so ago.
    Thanks for the reminder for us to turn in our order!!!


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      Do you have to pre-order or can you just show up the day of the sale and get some trees?


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        You can pre-order or show up that day. Some of the plants sell out pretty quick.


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          Originally posted by grcg View Post
          You can pre-order or show up that day. Some of the plants sell out pretty quick.
          That's good. I should be able to go in May, I'll be getting to work on my cabin, but I'd hate to pre-order and not be able to pick anything up if something happens...those apple trees have me interested...and a couple others sound interesting too...


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