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    Hey everyone. I thought I might try my luck here sinse I had no luck in another fourm topic. A friend and I ( friend a vegitarian) are looking for a better then avarage book for edible plants. Or an older disscution on the same topic. Also, I'm not an expert on smoking anything, but I'd like to smoke some salmon along the yukon river, possibly make some salmon jerkey. Any great simple recipies would be nice for we will be on the yukon for 2 and a half months. Thx

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    awesome. thx for the help...


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      Best edible plant book?

      I got a good edible plant book from the Cooperative Extension Service. Basically all I eat in the wild are morel and shaggy mane mushroms, fiddlehead ferns, watermelon berry shoots, and berries. All easily identifiable and tasty.

      If you want good smoked salmon you should just soak your fish in mild salt water overnight. Then smoke first, dry after you have a nice crust. Crust stops the fly eggs. I've scraped fly eggs from dried fish before, and it's gross. Better yet, cut your salmon into strips and make squaw candy. If done right that's the next best thing since my grandma's dried fish. Use good cottonwood or alder with the bark scraped off. At least that's what I remember from fish camp as a youngster.


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