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    Thought I'd start a thread dedicated to the companies we get our seeds and plants from. I'm just going to list the ones I like and why.

    I really like three seed companies that I've done business with. I've had great service from all of them and I like them for different reasons.

    Territorial Seed of Cottage Grove Oregon ---- Great selection and great instructions and advice. Also have a good selection of seeds for a cool, damp coastal climate which I live in. Many seeds for short growing seasons. Seed can be a little spendy compared to others.

    Stokes Seed out of Buffalo New York ---- A commercial seed company that supplies large farms, but they also package seeds for small timers like me. These guys probably have the widest selection of varieties I've seen. They have seed for every occasion. Green house, hot weather, cool weather, sandy soil, clay soil, rocky soil, dry climate, wet climate......they've got it. They also have beau coup advise and practical suggestions to make your garden grow. Price determined by availability and size of order.

    Pinetree Garden Seeds from New Gloucester Maine ---- A great little family operation type company with great prices. Best I've found for price in fact. Pretty good selection from some hardy stock. The web site takes a little looking, but isn't too complicated.

    A great tomato catalog is totally tomatoes. It's not quite totally, they carry cukes, peppers and a very few other salad crops. To be honest tho, you'll probably find as many or more tomatoe varieties in Stokes Seeds but maybe not all the same varieties.

    Potato Garden is a great potato catalog, but not sure they can ship to Alaska.

    For heirloom, organic, open pollinated seed, Seeds of Change and Abundant Life catalogs look great, but I have never ordered from either so can't say one way or the other about them.

    For fruit trees and bushes Miller nurseries is a good company I have dealt with and recommend.

    Raintree Nurseries is another

    and last but not least, Burnt Ridge Nurseries.
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    seed catalogs are the perfect tonic for cabin fever!

    I don't know what I am going to do if they stop sending catalogs in the mail. They help me think about what I want to do with the garden!

    I had a hard time finding some of the seed varieties that I wanted this year. And I was feeling too cheap to pay several companies for shipping. But I found most of the seeds that I wanted from the Harris Seed company.

    Some of the seeds I wanted were on the pricey side (I have completely fallen for trailing pansys...) but the shipping was reasonable. And I got the seeds promptly.


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      grcg and two. Have either of you tried this comp?

      I did and they turned out great, but VERY pricey!
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        Anyone ever use Swan Island Dahlias

        I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered dahlias from Swan Island.
        They appear to be a top notch outfit with an amazing catalog.
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          Seeds of Change

          I have bought some of thier seeds before, but not from the catalog. I liked them...but yeah, pricey. But sometimes, they have a variety that you really want to try.

          One of these years, I am going to try some of their drying beans. Don't know if they will do well here, but it would sure be fun to make moose chili with beans you grew yourself!


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            I was looking on the net for some seeds, and sets from the "Potato Lady" in Maine.I really wanted to try some of her onion sets,but shipping was4x what the sets were


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              akfishnut...I'm in North Pole and Swan Island is my dahlia vendor of choice. This is my 4th year ordering from them and I recommend them without hesitation. I've ordered from others sources with inconsistant (or plain ole bad) results. I've ordered over 100 tubers from SI over the years and this year they were my only vendor. (With the exception of two I added to a Happy Holler order) The first couple years I didn't store my tubers but the last two years I have and they are happily replanted in pots for this year, waiting for their new brothers & sisters to arrive any day from SI. They multiply and store well so certainly I didn't need any more but that catalog sucks you in...LOL


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