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Tomatoes!!! It's TIME!!!

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  • Tomatoes!!! It's TIME!!!

    It's time to start planting!
    Who is in this year? Who is planting? What advice can you give to a newbie? What kinds of seeds will you be using and why? What is your process? Are you planning on doing anything new this year?

    This was the furthest I got last year. :\ It rained and rained and then it continued to rain and my toms just couldn't hold out.

    This year will be a new year. I am incredibly excited about starting the process. My tomatoes that did survive tasted wonderful.

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    CO2, you did pretty well. My Toms hated the rain and decided that the slugs could take them.

    I will be starting my "batch" the 16th. Cherry's and I forget the names of the other but it is orange. I am at work so it isn't like I can grab the seeds.
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      first TIP co... get them out of the ground. our ground does not warm up enough for a really good crop of them... planters or buckets that you can cover when needed with plastic or other. tell bob you need a green house before the shop gets finished..

      i am going to give it a shot here again. this year... but your right last year was way to wet. i have my green house half done... trying to figure out if half of it will be for pheasants, and half for plants, and half for tool storage, and half for dog pen, Half for ATV shop,

      hmmmm i need a few more green houses too..
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        Vince, I understand the 1/2 syndrome.....


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          somethng about all them halves just don't seem to add up
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            For anyone who has tomatoes like COtoAK's, I hope you know about fried green tomatoes.

            Don't let those beauties go to waste. If they don't get ripe, pick them before frost, slice them, then bread and fry them. Good stuff. You can even fritter them and mix them with omelets and other things. Tangy!

            ------> advice from a southerner.


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              I really appreciate it. At first, I thought that you were going to give me a hard time for having green toms.

              Well... this year will be a good year to start them again.


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                Ripen in a bag

                If your Toms are not ripe by fall and the frost is coming, pick 'em and put the green ones in a warm place in a paper bag. They will ripen in a few days.
                I second eating fried green Toms, theyr'e great.
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                  Oh yea, last year was a disaster, it won't happen this year, I guarantee it.... as to planting, well I hope the nursery where we purchase our plants is on the ball....


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                    I prefer super sweet 100 tomato's, they're like candy once the skin splits. For green toms try making a green tom and dill relish for brats, that what I did with all my green toms last year. mine were in a greenhouse and still wouldnt ripen.


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                      I'll start planting today. Let's hope for a good season.


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                        Agreed. Cheers to all of you in hopes of a good Alaskan growing season.
                        I am really looking forward to it. I'll be starting my planting as soon as I return home from Prudhoe and Anchorage. Yahoo for tomatoes!!!


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                          tomatoe seeds

                          I'm trying sub arctic maxi from Stokes seed co. and siberian from Ed hume seeds. I'v been told they are about the best to grow in southcentral. Already have some germinated.


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                            Originally posted by AKROY View Post
                            I'm trying sub arctic maxi from Stokes seed co. and siberian from Ed hume seeds. I'v been told they are about the best to grow in southcentral. Already have some germinated.
                            Really? You already have some germinated?
                            Do you have any pictures to share with us?


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                              i already have 3 and 4" plants.... i have some let over from my seed starting if anyone wants to buy some i'll sell them for fairly cheap. let me know thanks also have peppers too....
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