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Suddenly have mold growing on top of my garden soil

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  • ruffle
    Exceptionally wet year in some places.

    May be unavoidable with the moisture levels, if that applies to your area. Otherwise, if you want to see if there's anything you can do to lessen its presence, check your ph, and read up on conditions that contribute to molds or fungi. If your soil is notably acidic, you might want to try some garden lime (low magnesium, like 1-3%, and higher calcium, like 95-98%) and cultivate that in sparingly

    Or... buy your plants an umbrella, build them a greenhouse, etc. The greenhouse will still be susceptible to molds/fungi, with relative humidity and maybe if there's a ph issue, but with some sort of covering, either cold frame, greenhouse, or (???) you can control the amount of water the soil receives, and the humidity can be addressed with a fan, keeping air moving through the structure..

    Or... make peace with your mold.

    Good luck.

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  • Bushwhack Jack
    My wife is an avid gardener and her response when I showed her your picture is "You can't help it. It is like water world out there this year". She said there is a spray fungicide that you can use to remove it called Daconil. They sell it at Lowe's

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  • Suddenly have mold growing on top of my garden soil

    First it hit my lettuce beds real bad. Now it is growing in circles around my squash and tomato plants.
    What in the heck is going on. I have never had mold growing out in the sunlight.
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