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Alaska Greenhouse, 2020

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  • Alaska Greenhouse, 2020

    Been getting several garden starts going,
    tomatoes in, 2 Jalapeņos in, sweet 100 cukes doing well

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    Moved to Alaska just over a year ago and while I used a greenhouse back home for starts etc, this will be my first year actually growing anything in it. I am trying to use containers ranging from 12" to 20 gallon. I am trying different sizes for each plant this year to experiment and see how things workout. Best of luck to you.


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      I need to get our green house back up and going but, with the weather the last couple years, it has been difficult to keep the temps in there cool enough. The green house is only 8'x16', it has two 16" vents and two fans. The temps get well over 100 on good sunny days. The green house has SunTuf on both the south wall and the roof. I am going to put a tarp on the roof and see if that helps. The outdoor garden does great, but would like to use the green house also.


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