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Tomatoes wilting inside

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  • Tomatoes wilting inside

    Got some tomatoes at a local greenhouse about 2 weeks ago and transplanted into some larger pots. They go into the greenhouse/growbuckets hopefully tommorow. A couple of them have curling/wilting leaves and I donít believe itís lack of water. There are some small bumps on the back of some leaves but I canít see anything crawling around. Not thick bumps, more like a subtle bumpy pattern in the leaf. I cut off the worst stems. I figure the time to get after this is NOW. Any advice on what to spray with?

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    Take one back to the GH & ask them.
    Hard to diagnose without seeing them in person.

    Good luck


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      My sunburned, outside, Sasha Altai in spite of the cool nites, has started blooming. My two Sasha Altai inside the GH are not doing anything except sucking up food and growing. I do have a few tomatoes of various pedigree inside the GH, but if the night temps would stay up closer to 50 degrees I'd have a lot more.


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        Well I prolly freaked a little early. Picked up $20 worth of fungicide and now that theyíre transplanted the leaf curling seems to have subsided. But I DO have a brand new bottle of fungicide concentrate, and hey even with that I think the first tomatoe this year will be south of $200 ... and the rest are free!!! Gotta be gone 4 days starting Sunday so they gotta survive in a semi open Greenhouse.... fingers crossed


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