anyone looking at seeds catalogs yet? If so, which ones and why?



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  • anyone looking at seeds catalogs yet? If so, which ones and why?

    I am just getting started, but so far I am finding quite a bit I want to try this year. has several new additions, including a tomato called a Jersey Boy, which is a cross of a Brandywine and a Rutgers which promises the flavor of the Brandywine w the uniform growth and texture of a Rutgers. I love the odd shapes of the Brandywine but I think this one made my list. They also have a Cloudy Day hybrid which claims to thrive in cool weather. It is a smaller tomato at 4-5 oz but it might be worth a try. But most interesting of all is a bush version of an Early Girl w 4" fruit coming in at 18" tall. A must try in my book. And I have been seeing interesting things at territorial seed and others. What are you looking at this year? Old favorites? New must haves? I have many reliable favorites at and I can't wait to try their ace hybrid peppers. I don't know how I missed them last year. Anyway, opinions are welcomed. Happy gardening!

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    The Brandywine X Rutgers cross is not a new cross, it was named Rose and some call it Red Rose, I guess Burpee must be trying to redo it. You will find that most people like it, but there has been some negative comments too.
    Johnny's has some interesting new hybrids for greenhouse production that may be worth checking out.


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      The new catalogs have begun showing up in the mail! It's a New Years tradition for us to go through them New Year's Day and start refining the list for the years garden and greenhouse production. Soon very soon seeds will be ordered, by the middle of February the shelves and light will get rolled in the house, by mid March they will begin getting filled with flats! I can't wait it sure helps come into spring with a house full of seedlings to take care of.


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        What are some onion varieties you guys like, white or yellow sweet types? Mad Yaker, that is a great idea for New Years.


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