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  • Asparagus

    Does anyone have asparagus that has came back for at least 3 years? If so, how many stalks are you getting per picking, per bunch, and how many times can you pick it per season?

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    I have a small bed of asparagus, maybe 10 plants. This was the third year it came back, and the first year I picked any. I guess I picked about 3 or 4 stalks per plant, only picked once this season. I'm hoping they'll perform better next year. This winter I'm starting a new bed, and I'm going to start seeds indoors for the new bed.


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      I hope to see a few replies also Mark. I planted 8 plants two years ago to see how they would grow for me, they took awhile to sprout up but once they started they grew well into the fall. This year I added 48 more plants (filled the entire raised bed), once again they took awhile to sprout but grew well. I did not harvest any from the second year plants as they were still pretty slim...tall but slim. I live on "the dark side" of Eagle River and do not get as much sun and warmth so some things just don't grow well for me, asparagus seems to be doing well so far but may take 3-4 years before harvesting. I'm guessing I'll only have one picking per season.

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        I planted a patch 4 years ago. This past summer was the first year I harvested. I harvested several times depending on the size, but I am not sure how many times I harvested a given plant because they all come up at different rates and I lost track of what was what.
        I just stopped harvesting in July and let them grow.


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