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I Think That It Is Over

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  • I Think That It Is Over

    About 28 degrees this AM.

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    Sad day but I think you are right!


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      Hasn't froze yet at our house - carrots, potatoes, kale and a few others are still in the ground. Of course, we were pulling kale out of 6" of snow last year and it was still crisp and delicious, so that armageddon-proof plant might not be a good indicator.


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        Was 33 here last nite, 7 miles (more or less) down KGB. I picked a bucket of ripe, partially ripe and green tomatoes in the greenhouse yesterday and brought them in the house.. Sugar snap peas are still blooming.


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          Compost making time.
          Pulled the carrots today.
          I have a few romaine still green & potatoes to dig.
          Few small ripe tomatoes & some peppers in the GH.


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            Pulling carrots and potatoes on Saturday, most likely. Pulled some potatoes for fries tonight - they are awesome, but no time to finish the task. We'll still be slowly pulling kale until well after the snow falls, as that stuff is incredibly resilient to freezing temps.


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              1 bed of carrots left to dig; brussel sprouts left to pick; and 1 cabbage to bring in and I'm done for the year. Brought in all the tomatoes from the GreenHouse the other day, have them lining the south windows to finish ripening. Granted the Tomatoes loose a little ripening on a window sill, but still better than Store-Bought for flavor.


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